Appel à communications – Education, College Women and Suffrage : International Perspectives

Une conférence interdisciplinaire se tiendra autour de la thématique « Education, College Women and Suffrage : International Perspectives » les 13-14 juin 2018 à l’Université de Londres.

Les propositions de communications peuvent être envoyées jusqu’au 13 novembre 2017.


This international, conference will provide a forum for those involved in teaching and researching suffrage and the history of women’s education (in schools, HE and heritage institutions) to discuss new directions. We invite submissions in a range of formats by archivists, public historians, researchers, curators and teachers to explore and discuss the under researched links between education and suffrage. Presentations may draw on a range of sources as they relate to the intersection of education and suffrage, including the use and interpretation of digital archives and material sources for research or educational purposes.

L’appel complet est disponible Education College Women & suffrage CFP.

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