Parution: History of Education 5, 2014

Voici le sommaire de la dernière livraison de la revue History of Education, 43/5, 2014.


  • The end of Hamburg’s Anglophilia: Wilhelmine Hamburg attitudes viewed through school examination essays and a university lecture (1912–1914), Niko Gärtner
  • Forging harmony in the social organism: industry and the power of psychometric techniques, Frederik Herman
  • The unknown story: vocational education for adults in Sweden 1918–1968, Anders Nilsson
  • Irish educational policy in the 1960s: a decade of transformation, Brian Fleming & Judith Harford
  • Comprehensive education: lost in the mi(d)st of a debate. Dutch politicians on equal opportunity in secondary schooling (1965–1979), Hilda T.A. Amsing & Nelleke Bakker
  • Co-operatives and education in the Basque Country: the ikastolas in the final years of Franco’s dictatorship, Ander Delgado

Sources and Interpretations

  • The Counties of England: a nineteenth-century geographical game to amuse and instruct, Jane Elizabeth Dove

Book reviews

  • Lily’s grammar of Latin in English: an introduction of the eyght partes of speche, and the construction of the same, Nicholas Orme
  • English Jesuit education: expulsion, suppression, survival and restoration, 1762–1803, Roy Lowe
  • Education and the Cold War: the battle for the American school, Campbell F. Scribner
  • Paired Book Review: Robert Recorde: the life and times of a Tudor mathematician and Mathematical expeditions: exploring word problems across the ages, Taro Fujita
  • Taiwan education at the crossroad: when globalization meets localization, Jonathan Spangler


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