Parution: History of education (44/2, mars 2015)

Voici le sommaire du dernier numéro de la revue History of Education (44/2, March 2015):


  • The power of the purse: student funding and the labour market for Dutch Reformed and Catholic theology students, 1800–1880, Ruben Schalk
  • Enlightened paternalism: the prohibition of corporal punishment in Spanish public schools in the nineteenth century, Carles Sirera Miralles
  • The Swiss Willensnation at risk: teachers in the cultural gap during the First World War, Ingrid Brühwiler
  • From charity to security: the emergence of the National School Lunch Program, Jennifer Geist Rutledge
  • Social foundations of public–private partnerships in education: the historical cases of post-war Singapore and Hong Kong, Ting-Hong Wong
  • The strange death of UK civil defence education in the 1980s, John Preston

Book reviews:

  • Literacy and the Practice of Writing in the 19th Century: A Strange Blossoming of Spirit, David Vincent
  • Rethinking the History of Education: Transnational Perspectives on its Questions, Methods and Knowledge, Jonathan Doney
  • Albert Schweitzer’s Legacy for Education: Reverence for Life, Mike W. Martin
  • Working men’s bodies: work camps in Britain 1880–1940, Mark Freeman
  • Being a historian: an introduction to the professional world of history and History in the making, John Howlett
  • Histories of social studies and race: 1865–2000, Maia Merin

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