Parution: Transformation of Mass Schooling

La dernière livraison du European Educational Research Journal (vol. 12, 2/2013) est consacrée au thème “Transformation of Mass Schooling“, sous la direction de Rita Hofstetter & Bernard Schneuwly.


  • Introduction. Changes in Mass Schooling: ‘school form’ and ‘grammar of schooling’ as reagents
  • Inés Dussel, “The Assembling of Schooling: discussing concepts and models for understanding the historical production of modern schooling”
  • André D. Robert, “The French School System and the Universalist Metanarrative (1880-2000s): some reflections about so-called explanatory historical notions such as ‘la forme scolaire’”
  • Marc Depaepe & Karen Hulstaert, “Creating Cultural Hybridity by Exporting Metropolitan Structures and Cultures of Schooling and Educationalisation? The Emergence of a Congolese ‘Elite’ in the 1950s as a Starting Point for Further Research”
  • Rita Hofstetter & Bernard Schneuwly, “The International Bureau of Education (1925-1968): a platform for designing a ‘chart of world aspirations for education’”
  • Martin Lawn”, A Systemless System: designing the disarticulation of English state education”