Parution – “Educating the Volksgemeinschaft Authoritarian ideals and school reforms in Europe’s fascist era”, revue Paedagogica Historica, Volume 56, Issue 5 (2020)

AAC: Under Control: Childhood and 20th Century Dictatorships (1917-1991)

Un appel à contribution pour un colloque sur le thème “Under Control: Childhood and 20th Century Dictatorships (1917-1991)“, qui se tiendra à l’University of Warwick [RU], le 19 Mai 2016.

Confirmed Keynote speakers: Prof. Alison Ribeiro de Menezes (University of Warwick) et Dr. Nick Baron (University of Nottingham)

Since the early Nineteenth century, childhood has been viewed as both a privileged condition for creative inspiration (mostly in the arts) and a decisive phase in the development of adult subjectivity (usually in scientific fields). Such centrality of childhood acquired particular importance in the Twentieth century. At the time, in fact, political systems – and especially dictatorships – began to understand children as a crucial national resource and therefore tried to exercise influence on them through educational policies and a wide range of cultural means.

At the root of this phenomenon lies the awareness that children’s cognitive development is based on processes of assimilation and accommodation of external inputs. Consequently, future adults may have their thoughts and perceptions shaped by many tools, from toys to the language of education. Continuer la lecture de « AAC: Under Control: Childhood and 20th Century Dictatorships (1917-1991) »

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