Parution – “Higher Education in the United States”, History of Education Quarterly, Volume 61 – Issue 3 – August 2021

Special Section on Higher Education in the United States

Editorial Introduction : New Directions in Higher Education History

A. J. Angulo and Jack Schneider


How Austerity Politics Led to Tuition Charges at the University of California and City University of New York

Jennifer M. Nations

The Right to Residency: Mobility, Tuition, and Public Higher Education Access

Camille Walsh

What Happened to Your College Town: The Changing Relationship of Higher Education and College Towns, 1940–2000

Kate Rousmaniere

Policy Dialogue

The Problems and Promises of Higher Education in the United States

Sara Goldrick-Rab and David Labaree


“Subtle, vicious effects”: Lillian Steele Proctor’s Pioneering Investigation of Gifted African American Children in Washington, DC

Sevan G. Terzian