Parution: Scientific Sources and Teaching Contexts throughout History: Problems and Perspectives

Parution d’un ouvrage collectif qui propose une réflexion sur la notion de contexte en histoire des sciences, au travers de l’analyse de différents contextes d’enseignement:
Alain Bernard et Christine Proust (dir.), Scientific Sources and Teaching Contexts throughout History: Problems and Perspectives, “Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science”, Springer.

Table des matières:

General introduction, Alain Bernard and Christine Proust

Part. I : Holistic Approach

  • The Teaching Context and Reading between the 16th and 18th Centuries: The Role of the Memorization of Texts in Learning, Anne-Marie Chartier
  • Teaching and learning Medicine and Exorcisme at Uruk during the Hellenistic Period, Philippe Clancier

Part II : Critical Approach

  • Does a Master always Write for his Students? Some Evidence from Old Babylonian Scribal Schools, Christine Proust
  • In what Sense did Theon’s Commentary on the Almagest Have a Didactic Purpose?, Alain Bernard

Part III : Comparative Approach

  • Relationships between French “practical arithmetics” and teaching?, Stéphane Lamassé
  • On the Transmission of Mathematical Knowledge in Versified Form in China, Andrea Bréard
  • Mathematical Progress or Mathematical Teaching? Bilingualism and Printing in European Renaissance Mathematics, Giovanna C. Cifoletti

Part IV : Zooming Approach

  • Leonardo of Pisa and the Liber Abaci. Biographical elements and the project of the work, Eva Caianiello
  • Didactical Dimensions of Mathematical Problems: Weighted Distribution in a Vietnamese Mathematical Treatise, Alexei Volkov
  • Learning and Teaching Medicine in Late Imperial China, Florence Bretelle-Establet

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