Parution: Paedagogica Historica 50/3 (May 2014)

Voici le sommaire de la dernière livraison de Paedagogica Historica [50/3, May 2014]

  • “Each word shows how you love me”: The social literacy practice of children’s letter writing (1780–1860), Emily C. Bruce
  • The beginnings of modern education in Korea, 1883–1910, Klaus Dittrich
  • Medico-science and school hygiene: a contribution to a history of the senses in schooling, Patrice Milewski
  • The new model school of education: Thomson, Moray House and Teachers College, Columbia, Martin Lawn & Ian Deary
  • Pedagogical innovation and music education in Spain: Introducing the Dalcroze method in Catalonia, Francesca Comas Rubí, Xavier Motilla-Salas & Bernat Sureda-Garcia
  • A match between university professors and school inspectors? Innovation and stagnation in the physical education curriculum, Hans Vangrunderbeek & Pascal Delheye
  • Monuments to the Republic: School as a nationalising discourse in Turkey, Sabiha Bilgi
  • “All methods—and wedded to none”1: The deaf education methods debate and progressive educational reform in Toronto, Canada, 1922–1945, Jason A. Ellis
  • The impact of foreign policy on educational exchange: the Swedish state scholarship programme 1938–1990, Andreas Åkerlund


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