Publication – Antonella Cagnolati, Antonio Francisco Canales Serrano (dir.), “Women’s Education in Southern Europe. Historical perspectives (19th-20th century)”, 3 tomes, Aracne editrice, 2017.

“Speaking out from the South in their own voice” means pursuing two courses of action. Firstly, it means describing these hitherto little–known situations; and secondly, it means offering interpretations based on the situations themselves, and which are thus adapted to the specific historical experiences being recounted. The contributions contained herein describe the anxieties, hesitations, contradictions and paradoxes which characterise the process of incorporating women into the education system in Greece,Portugal, Italy and Spain, highlighting the similarities which exist between the cases. And they do so in a diverse range of dimensions and areas, from the studies and professional practice of female primary teachers and the presence of girls in secondary education, a field traditionally reserved for boys, to non formal and informal educational institutions.

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