Parution – “Pedagogies on the Margins in the 20th Century”, revue Educació i Història, n° 34, 2019

Presentation. Pedagogies on the Margins in the 20th CenturyPDF
Andrés Payà Rico, Sergio Valero Gómez9-18
The Home Front: Early Childhood Care and Education during the Great War in Bologna (Italy)PDF
Mirella D’Ascenzo19-42
Expulsion, emotion and refugee children: forced European migration and refugee pedagogy (1912-1947)PDF
Kevin Myers, Siân Roberts43-63
Education as a Battlefield: School Desegregation in the United States (1954-1980)PDF
Aurora Bosch65-91
Education Policy for Indigenous People in Southern Brazil: the Introduction of Schools for the Kaingang (1910-1967)PDF
Maria Aparecida Bergamaschi, Juliana Schneider Medeiros93-120
Slow education from a historical perspective: conceptualization, development and its concretion in Waldorf Childminders in SpainPDF
Patricia Quiroga Uceda, Silvia Sánchez Serrano121-147
Schools at War in 1970s Barcelona: Pedagogical Renewal from a Class PerspectivePDF
Albert Torrent i Font, Jordi Feu Gelis149-179


The Boy Scouts in Spain (1913-1915): Distrust and Divisions in Spanish EpiscopacyPDF
Pere Fullana Puigserver183-199

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