Parution – “Emergent educational imaginaries during the Covid-19 pandemic”, South African Review of Education, vol. 26, n° 1, 2020

Editorial notes – special issue : emergent educational imaginaries during the Covid-19 pandemic

Systemic shock : how Covid-19 exposes our learning challenges in education

Evidence and education policy making in South Africa during Covid-19: Promises, researchers and policymakers in an age of unpredictability

Education, Covid-19 and care : social inequality and social relations of value in South Africa and the United States

Educating for work in the time of Covid-19 : moving beyond simplistic ideas of supply and demand

In search of the ‘new normal’ : reflections on teaching and learning during Covid-19 in a South African university

Corona, crisis and curriculum : history of health education in South Africa

Every child is a national (playing) asset : a portrait of a Soweto boy’s contradictory worlds of play and performance before and during the Covid-19 lockdown

Reimagining parents’ educational involvement during the Covid-19 lockdown

School lessons from the Covid-19 lockdown

Data or bread? A policy analysis of student experiences of learning under lockdown

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