Parution – “Disability and the History of Education”, History of Education Quarterly, Volume 60 – Special Issue 3 – August 2020

Special Issue on Disability and the History of Education

Jason Ellis et Kate Rousmaniere, Guest Editors


Professor Bailyn, Meet Professor Baynton: The “New Disability History ” of Education

Jason Ellis et Kate Rousmaniere

“To give light where He made all dark”: Educating the Blind about the Natural World and God in Nineteenth Century North America

Joanna L. Pearce

“Every One of Them Are Worth It”: Blanche Van Leuven Browne and the Education of the “CrippledChild”

Leanna Duncan

“The Important Consideration, After All, Is Disability”: Physical Standards for Teachers in Los Angeles, 1930–1970

Kristen Chmielewski

Home Economics, “Handicapped Homemakers,” and Postwar America

Laura Micheletti Puaca

Enclaves of Privilege: Access and Opportunity for Students with Disabilities in Urban K-8 Schools

Christine Ashby, Julia M White, Beth Ferri, Siqi Li et Lauren Ashby

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