Parution – “Varia”, History of Education Quarterly, Volume 60 – Issue 4 – November 2020

Legacies and Gifts: An Editorial Farewell

Nancy Beadie, Joy Williamson-Lott, Isaac Gottesman and Kathryn Nicholas

The Private School Pivot: The Shrouded Persistence of Massive Resistance in the Black Belt and Beyond

Matthew C. Edmonds

Reconceiving Schooling: Centering Indigenous Experimentation in Indian Education History

Meredith L. McCoy and Matthew Villeneuve

The Order of Signs: Perspectives on the Relationship between Language and Thought during the First Century of Widespread Sign Language Teaching

Sabine Arnaud

Protests and Pushback: Women ’s Rights, Student Activism, and Institutional Response in the Deep South

Timothy Reese Cain and Rachael Dier

The Patronage Dilemma: Allison Davis ’s Odyssey from Fellow to Faculty

E. Masghati

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