Parution – History of Education, Volume 49, Issue 2 (2020)


Monitors and moralists: the Lancasterian system of mutual education and the vision of a new moral order in Spanish America, 1818–1831

Karen Racine

Progress and the people: histories of mass education and conceptions of Britishness, 1870–1914

Christopher Bischof

God and Man at Yali College: the short, troubled history of an American College in China

Ethan W. Ris

In search of the unconscious: the science-based diagnostic observation of girls in a Dutch reformatory in the 1950s

Nelleke Bakker

Rhodes Boyson: a Janus of education?

David Jeremy Parry

Were we right? A re-evaluation of the perceived potential of technology to transform the educational opportunities and outcomes of learners with special educational needs

Jane Seale

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