Parution – “Varia”, History of Education, Volume 49, Issue 1 (2020)


Heather EllisMark Freeman & Stephanie Olsen

The charitable status of elite schools: the origins of a national scandal

Roy Lowe

Society, science and institutionally-embodied higher education reform in nineteenth-century Ireland: the role of mobile, professional elites in fashioning reform

Christopher F. McCormack

In search of a moral standard: debates over ethics education and religion in Meiji Japan

Zibo Lin & Hanyang Lu

More than a mere footnote: the department of military studies, University of Sydney, 1907-1915

William Westerman

Nation-building in Turkey through ritual pedagogy: the late Ottoman and early Turkish Republican era

Dr. Filiz Meşeci Giorgetti

A time of destiny for Norwegian mission schools in Zululand and Natal under the policy of Bantu Education (1948–1955)

Ellen Vea Rosnes

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