Parution – “Varia”, History of Education, Volume 49, Issue 3 (2020)

Comenius, moral and pious education, and the why, when and how of school discipline

Björn Norlin

Challenging the bifurcation of nature: women workers’ education through process philosophy

Maria Tamboukou

Science in the making: 1930s citizen science on the BBC

Allan Jones

A history of higher and professional correspondence education in the UK

Stephen A. Hunt

Communism, anti-communism and education in Greece from the Axis occupation until the early Cold War era (1944–1967)

Sofia Iliadou-Tachou

Reforming education in post-partition Northern Ireland: state control and churches’ interference

Cecilia Biaggi

Folded Files, Unfolding Narratives: Psycho-Pedagogical Observation in the Belgian Juvenile Reformatories, 1912–1945.

Sarah Van Ruyskensvelde & Laura Nys

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