Parution – Edward Janak, “A Brief History of Schooling in the United States. From Pre-Colonial Times to the Present”, Palgrave, 2019

This book presents a sweeping overview of the historical and philosophical foundations of schooling in the United States. Beginning with education among the indigenous peoples of the Americas and going on to explore European models of schooling brought into the United States by European colonists, the author carefully traces the arc of educational reform through major episodes of the nation’s history. In doing so, Janak establishes links between schools, politics, and society to help readers understand the forces impacting educational policy from its earliest conception to the modern day. Chapters focus on the philosophical, political, and social concepts that shaped schooling of dominant and subcultures in the United States in each period. Far from being merely concerned with theoretical foundations, each chapter also presents a snapshot of the “nuts and bolts” of schooling during each period, examining issues such as pedagogical devices, physical plants, curricular decisions, and funding patterns.

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