Parution – “Cultivating Children and Youth: Transnational Explorations of the Urban and the Natural”, History of Education, Volume 49, Issue 4 (2020)

Editorial: Cultivating children and youth: transnational explorations of the urban and the natural

Ian GrosvenorFrederik Herman & Siân Roberts

‘Nature’ in German colonial literature for children and young people

Elke Kleinau & Lilli Riettiens

The urban and the natural in education reform: the development of Hamburg Schullandheime (rural school hostels) in the 1920s

Christine Mayer

Natura et urbis in the socio-educational renovation of Barcelona City Council (1909–1933)

Francisca Comas Rubí & Sara González Gómez

Cultivating an ‘earthly paradise’: nature, informal education, and the contested politics of youth citizenship, 1910s–1940s

Siân Roberts

‘Dirt and the child’: a textual and visual exploration of children’s physical engagement with the urban and the natural world

Ian Grosvenor & Kevin Myers

The multiple logics of school gardening: a ‘return to nature’ or ‘love of labour’?

Elsie Rockwell

Images of industrial life and vocational training: Scouting as a liminal space for educating a workers’ elite in 1920s Luxembourg

Frederik Herman & Karin Priem

From savages to capitalists: progressive images of education in the UK and the USA (1920–1939)

Sjaak Braster & María del Mar del Pozo Andrés

Parution – “Infantesa, arts i educació: reptes metodològics en la historiografia educativa” [Enfance, arts et éducation : défis méthodologiques en historiographie pédagogique], revue Educació i Història, n° 37, 2021

Monographic theme

Presentation. Childhood, Arts & Education: Methodological Challenges in Educational HistoriographyPDF
Pere Capellà Simó, Llorenç Gelabert Gual9-15
Pedagogical Orientations of the Painter Fèlix Mestres Borrell (1873-1933): Primary SchoolPDF
Pere Capellà Simó17-51
Gaston Quénioux and the reform in the teaching of drawing in the early twentieth century in FrancePDF
Renaud d’Enfert53-82
Manuel Borguñó and musical education in the schools of the Ateneu Igualadí de la Classe Obrera (1921-1930)PDF
Javier González Martín83-105
200 school songs before the Spanish Civil War in MajorcaPDF
Miquel Jaume Campaner107-134
The drawing manuals by Luis Gil de VicarioPDF
Esther Collados Cardona135-163
International dissemination of Zoltán Kodály’s concept of musical educationPDF
Zsuzsanna Polyák, Gábor Bodnár165-194
Music and school in Catalan-speaking lands: influences of the Segarra methodology on its implementationPDF
Llorenç Gelabert Gual, Xavier Motilla Salas195-220

Parution – “Història de l’educació d’adults en la segona meitat del segle XX” [Histoire de l’éducation des adultes pendant la deuxième moitié du XXe siècle], revue Educació i Història, n°36, 2020

Monographic theme

Presentation. History of Adult Education in the second half of the 20th centuryPDF
Segundo Moyano Mangas13-23
Educating from socially deprived areas. «Freire» Adults’ School (Nou Barris, Barcelona, 1972-1986)PDF
Enrique Tudela Vázquez25-42
From illiteracy to the program of continuing education for adults in twentieth-century SpainPDF
Manel Martí Puig43-68
From «Adult Education» to «A Lifelong Process of Education for Everybody» in UruguayPDF
Jorge Camors, Gianela Turnes, Eduardo Rodríguez, Yliana Rodríguez, Noel Cordano69-95
Adult education and DemocracyPDF
Lidia Mercedes Rodríguez97-111
Education of adults in the Community of Madrid during the last two decades of the 20th centuryPDF
Miguel Ángel Martínez Martínez113-127
Adult education and the struggle against illiteracy in the Italian Mezzogiorno in the first half of the 20th centuryPDF
Brunella Serpe129-142


Adults’ Schools and Mobile Libraries (1913): the reaction of the Spanish ecclesiastical hierarchy. Files from the Apostolic Vatican ArchivesPDF
Pere Fullana Puigserver145-159
The White Book and the Education Law of 1970 according to José Blat GimenoPDF
Amparo Blat Gimeno161-175

Parution – “Pedagogies on the Margins in the 20th Century”, revue Educació i Història, n° 34, 2019

Presentation. Pedagogies on the Margins in the 20th CenturyPDF
Andrés Payà Rico, Sergio Valero Gómez9-18
The Home Front: Early Childhood Care and Education during the Great War in Bologna (Italy)PDF
Mirella D’Ascenzo19-42
Expulsion, emotion and refugee children: forced European migration and refugee pedagogy (1912-1947)PDF
Kevin Myers, Siân Roberts43-63
Education as a Battlefield: School Desegregation in the United States (1954-1980)PDF
Aurora Bosch65-91
Education Policy for Indigenous People in Southern Brazil: the Introduction of Schools for the Kaingang (1910-1967)PDF
Maria Aparecida Bergamaschi, Juliana Schneider Medeiros93-120
Slow education from a historical perspective: conceptualization, development and its concretion in Waldorf Childminders in SpainPDF
Patricia Quiroga Uceda, Silvia Sánchez Serrano121-147
Schools at War in 1970s Barcelona: Pedagogical Renewal from a Class PerspectivePDF
Albert Torrent i Font, Jordi Feu Gelis149-179


The Boy Scouts in Spain (1913-1915): Distrust and Divisions in Spanish EpiscopacyPDF
Pere Fullana Puigserver183-199

Parution – “Images, discourses and texts in history of Education. Current methodological challenges”, revue Historia y Memoria de la Educación, No. 10 (2019)


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