AàC en vue d’un colloque : « Sports, culture populaire et culture matérielle ».

Résumé :

À l’heure où le sport s’ancre de plus en plus dans le quotidien et ses objets, ainsi qu’au sein de la culture populaire, ce colloque entend questionner les pratiques sportives et/ou ludiques productrices ou dérivant de cette culture, en se focalisant sur les biens matériels, produits et reflets d’une société donnée.  Ces journées s’intéresseront à la production, la consommation, l’usage de ces objets (du jouet aux applications mobiles, en passant par les productions médiatiques), mais aussi aux comportements, normes et rituels qu’ils mettent en jeu. Favorable aux approches pluri et transdisciplinaires, ce colloque explorera plusieurs thématiques, parmi lesquelles l’éducation, l’identité, la sociabilité, la médiatisation, la patrimonialisation, le rapport à l’imaginaire, ainsi que le rapport aux innovations et au progrès technique et technologique.

At a time when sport is increasingly anchored in our everyday lives and objects, as well as in popular culture, this symposium intends to study these sports and/or playful practices which produce – or derive from – this culture, focusing on material goods, which are both products and reflections of a given society.  This event will focus on the production, consumption and use of these objects – from toys to mobile apps and media productions), but also on the behaviors, norms and rituals they create. Favoring pluri- and transdisciplinary approaches, this symposium will explore several themes, including education, identity, sociability, media, heritage, imagination, as well as innovation, and both technical and technological progress.

Parution – Lindsey Dodd et David Lees, « Vichy France and Everyday Life »

Trois contributions concernent l’histoire de l’éducation et de l’enfance : 

  • Camille Mahé, « Children and Play in Occupied France »
  • Matthieu Devigne, « Coping in the Classroom: Adapting Schools to Wartime »
  • Lindsey Dodd, « Urban Lives, Rural Lives and Children’s Evacuation »

Présentation de l’éditeur : 

This wide-ranging volume brings together a blend of experienced and emerging scholars to examine the texture of everyday life for different parts of the wartime French population. It explores systems of coping, means of helping one another, confrontations with people or events and the challenges posed to and by Vichy’s National Revolution during this difficult period in French and European history.

The book focuses on human interactions at the micro level, highlighting lived experience within the complex social networks of this era, as French civilians negotiated the violence of war, the restrictions of Occupation, the shortages of daily necessities and the fear of persecution in their everyday lives. Using approaches drawn mostly from history, but also including oral history, film, gender studies and sociology, the text peers into the lives of ordinary men, women and children and opens new perspectives on questions of resistance, collaboration, war and memory; it tells some of the stories of the anonymous millions who suffered, coped, laughed, played and worked, either together at home or far apart in towns and villages across Occupied and Vichy France.

Vichy France and Everyday Life is a crucial study for anyone interested in the social history of the Second World War or the history of France during the twentieth century.